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Cobol is 50.

The development tools don't have to be.

cobolclipse is the most advanced Cobol IDE using the Eclipse platform for Cobol development. There is no reason to work with an antiquated development environment! Now everyone - regardless of skill level - can use this great productivity tool.

Eclipse based
Harness the power of the best development environment available today! Use thousands of plug-ins from the Open Source community, leverage existing Eclipse experience in your teams.

Take development to the next level
Some say it's a game changer. Benefit from the hottest improvements in development like MyLyn's task oriented development. What's best: implement these best practices across the entire organization!

Amazing productivity features
Code completion, code outlines, tasks, bookmarks, error markers, syntax highlighting - all the wonderful every day helpers are available. Developers just love it!

Uses existing infrastructure
You already have CVS, Subversion, Microsoft TFS, or IBM ClearCase in your development environment? Then use these for Cobol! cobolclipse professional and enterprise integrate with any versioning system that can plug in to Eclipse.

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... is the expert for sustainable modernization of legacy applications. Understanding time, budget and quality, innoWake has developed a unique soft modernization procedure that gradually modernizes monolithic applications.

innoWake offers a special set of tools which has been consistently proven through our customers’ day-to-day business practices. Our solutions can be easily adapted to different environments and they are embedded in a diverse portfolio of solutions that interacts perfectly with our customers’ architecture and vision.

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